Fish Diseases That Are Transmitted To Humans

Fish Diseases That Are Transmitted To Humans

Fish diseases that can be easily transmitted to humans are discussed in this article, Fish diseases that can be easily transmitted to humans are discussed in this article,

Fish Diseases That Are Transmitted To Humans

1.    Fish TB:

Fish TB is also called as fish tuberculosis and fish tank granuloma. It is caused by Mycobacterium marinum bacteria. This is related to human tuberculosis and leprosy.
• The bacterium is very resistant to treatment. It enters the system through wounds. The incubation period ranges from 2 days to 2 years. It usually takes two weeks for granuloma to appear at the infected place. The infected area may be painful to touch and may be purple in color.
• It can be treated with human Tuberculosis. It can take over a year to completely cure.
• Fish TB can be transmitted to humans from getting scratched in a fish tank, diving around reefs, and cleaning fish, crabs, shrimps.

2.    VIBRIO Infections:

• A lot of species can infect humans: V.Alginoltyicus, V.Parahaemolticus, V.Damsela. These species can cause wound infections, gastroenteritis, and systematic infections.
• Systematic infections caused by Damsela disease can be deadly at times. It can also lead to limb removal.
• The incubation period for vulnificus may differ from 1-5 days. These symptoms include fever, nausea, vomiting, stomach pain, low blood pressure, stroke, skin wounds filled with fluid, etc.
• Gastrointestinal infections through ingestion and other varieties of Vibrio can cause rapid bacterial infections if they enter the blood. This bacterium gets multiplied rapidly which causes the blood vessels to clog, which sometimes may lead to organ removal or death. Antibiotics used for these infections are tetracycline, ampicillin, Gentamycin.

3.    Salmonella:

• The incubation period for salmonella can be from 7 to 72 hours.
• This bacterium is infected by swallowing. Salmonella can be carried by many types of animals.
• Symptoms: Dehydration, fecal infections, gastroenteritis.

4.    Mad fish disease:

• This disease is recently reported from handling a fish named, tilapia. This disease is infected through puncture wounds.
• The Mad fish disease can cause shaking, fever, arthritis, and meningitis.
• Safety measures: Do not handle fish, water, and tank if you have wounds or breaks in the skin. Do not eat raw seafood.
• People with weak immune systems are prone to above infections.


• This disease is also known as fishermen disease, sealer’s finger and Erythema migrans.
• People who handle animals or animal waste can be infected with this disease. For example, animal caretakers, veterinarians, butchers, meat-processors, etc.
• The incubation period is 1-7 days. Symptoms include fever, pain in joints, muscle pain, headache, Arthritis.
• This disease is transmitted through skin breaks and wounds. This bacterium is carried by dolphins, fish, and shellfish. This can be treated with antibiotics.

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